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Furnace Maintenance: When Should You Call A Pro?

Most homeowners want to know the duration it should take to get a furnace tune-up. Going by certain conditions, the furnace needs to be checked by a professional once a year. If you have a new furnace it does not need to be checked very often since it will still be in good condition. You should also take into consideration things like pets, climate, and how frequently the furnace is used. If the conditions mentioned are in your favour, then you may not have to get the furnace tune-up until two to three years later.

What does the professional tune-up consist of?

-Cleaning components that are used frequently and are more likely to have soot. These are such as the blower, heat exchanger, jets, motor, etc.

– Cleaning the lines that that drain water from the combustion and condensation of the AC coil.

– Checking that the temperature is as it should be for efficient heat production.

– Carrying out an analysis of the levels of oxygen, CO and CO2 produced.

– Ensuring that the flame sensor and ignitor are not worn out.

What is the average cost of a furnace tune-up?

The price varies according to the service that they will offer. If you have regular checks this is about $90 and does not get past $150 unless you have underlying issues with the furnace. It is important to ensure that you get a professional that will not make you pay extra for ‘checks’ that end up discovering unnecessary repairs. Some do this just to get you to pay more.

Additional Tips.

If you are calling the technician for a tune-up, it is advisable to ask them for advice regarding your filter. They will give you appropriate advice on which filter to choose depending on the conditions of the house. You need to make sure that the filter is not too fine that the furnace has problems operating efficiently or vice-versa.

In addition to that, ask them for any kind of minor installations that you might require. These could be such as installing a smart home thermostat to ensure that your furnace is working to give you the right amount of heat.