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Air conditioner leaking water in Mississauga, Ontario
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Is your air conditioner leaking water? When the hotter month’s role is in, temperatures in Mississauga can reach the high 30’s, and your air conditioner may be working at full capacity most of the time. If your air conditioner begins to leak water, you may wonder what is happening and how to fix it.  

If you are facing a similar situation, read on. Leaky air conditioners can cause extensive damage if not addressed immediately. The following article will explain precisely why this is and what you can do about it.  

How and Why Water Forms in Your Air Conditioner 

Most air conditioners you will find today have indoor sections and out sections. There is an evaporator coil on the interior section that will cool the air that is blown over it, creating a comfortable indoor temperature. As the air blows over the compressor coil, moisture condenses and forms like water droplets on the coils — just like water droplets forming on the outside of a cold glass.  

The manufacturer designs air conditioners to deal with this event. A drip tray at the bottom of the air conditioner collects the water that falls from the condenser coils and directs all this water to a drain line that carries the water away — sometimes to a potted plant or some other suitable drainage system.  

Ideally, there should be no problem with water dripping from your air conditioner. But if you find water leaking from your air conditioner, there is no need to panic. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons for this and what you can do to set things straight.   

Watch this video to see how a professional technician fixes an air conditioner leaking water.

 Clogged Drain Lines

 If your air conditioner is leaking, one of the most likely reasons is a fault in the proper drainage route. As time goes by, dirt, dust, moulds and other contaminants can collect in the drain line and prevent adequate drainage. But the water continues to drip into the pan. 

If there is no way for the water to escape through the designated route, it backs up overflow its barriers. The surge causes the water to spill into the interior housing of the air conditioner and can cause your unit to leak inside.  

One of the easiest ways to address this issue is with a wet/dry vac. The suction from the vacuum will be more than enough to clear the drain line of any obstructions and allow your air conditioner to drain properly again.   

Suppose this doesn’t fix the problem with your leaky air conditioner. In that case, you will need to call in a professional air conditioner technician to examine the apparatus and make sure that everything is in proper order.   

Dirty Air Filter 

As you probably imagined, a dirty air filter will cause your air conditioner to work harder to accomplish its task. If your air conditioner is straining itself and running at full capacity each time it is on, it will soon wear out, and the AC will require replacements, parts and repairs soon.  

In addition to straining the function of your home’s HVAC system, clogged air filters will also block the flow of air that is returning to the evaporator coil. If the air becomes blocked, the coil will become too cold and then freeze over, increasing the chances of further condensation and freezing.  

As the frozen coil frosts and defrosts, more water releases into the drainage pan, and it will likely fill faster and potentially overflow. With this in mind, keep a close eye on the filters for your HVAC system and ensure that they are always clean.  

Your AC is Low on Refrigerant 

If the refrigerant in your air conditioner’s system gets low, the pressure in the entire system will drop. Low refrigerant causes the evaporator to freeze and can make a big mess.  

If you notice that your air conditioner is not functioning as it ought to, one important thing to check is refrigerant levels. Other signs that the refrigerant is leaking is a bubbling sound or hissing sound coming from within.  

If you catch the leak in time, there is a chance that the technician can fix it. If not, you may have to replace the entire unit.   

Have your air conditioner regularly repaired and maintained to prevent these situations from happening. The best time to have this service is at the beginning of summer or winter. Furthermore, always be very careful when moving or moving around your air conditioner to not damage the delicate components inside.  

Other Reasons for AC Leaks 

There may also be other reasons that your air conditioner is leaking in your home. If you have an older air conditioner system, a rusted or damaged drainage system may malfunction.  

Say Goodbye to a Leaking AC 

If you can find the leak and fix the problem, you will not worry about leaky air conditioners. But if you see that the problem is a little more complex than described here, call in the help of professional air conditioner experts in your area.  

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