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average cost of duct cleaning

Average Cost of Duct Cleaning

What is the average cost of duct cleaning? A very important question that you always ask after establishing the importance of cleaning up your ducts. Duct cleaning is not done that regularly. Therefore the cost incurred depends less on how many times you do the cleaning but it depends so much on how much you pay for the duct cleaning the few times you do it per year.

There are factors that can make it more expensive or less expensive depending on when you decide to do it and the condition of the ducts you are cleaning. 

Duct cleaning is especially done when you see visible signs or when you are maybe moving into a new house and you feel like the ducts might not be clean enough. So that brings us to our major concern here; what’s the average cost of duct cleaning? 

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It? 

A small probe into the viability of cleaning ducts reveals they cleaning your ducts might not be that demanding. 

However, when you get to see some molds or excessive dust from your vent alongside other debris that absolutely makes you fear for your respiratory health, it is highly recommended that you find a professional to look into your duct and did some cleaning as appropriate. 

As far as the cost of cleaning is concerned, though it varies, you will have to decide whether it is really worth paying up for that or maybe it could have been less. Duct cleaning really does a lot to the condition of the air circulating your house, that’s purely true but you ought to decide whether you really need it or not. 

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Ducts? 

All we need to know now is how much it really costs to have your ducts cleaned. You might have hired professionals or you might be in touch with a relevant company that offers the service. All in all, you need the cleaning at a relatively affordable price. So what’s this price that is offered, just to let us see whether we really need to do it or not. However, when it comes to necessity, we might want to give a blind eye to the price and have it cleaned. Let’s now focus on the price of cleaning the ducts. 

Now, there is not a fixed price for cleaning the ducts but it all depends on the number of ducts you have to clean as well as the intensity of the dirt build-up in the ducts. Some ducts might be so hard to clean since a lot of waste, dust, and even insects and rodents might have built up inside of the ducts. 

Depending on the number of ducts that you have to clean, you might spend starting from $400 to $1000. $1000 is for the large houses with relatively large ductwork to deal with. Averagely when you have few ducts but have not been cleaned for long, you might spend up to $600. 

The best part of it, however, is that you do not do this more often and it might two to six years to think if cleaning ducts again. The cost is therefore not so high compared to how long the service could last. 

The figures we have captured here are too general and they are bound to vary by place. The cost usually varies by region. Sometimes, you might spend up to half the price of one state in another state. 

Now when we break it down to states across the country we might end up having quite a different picture of how much we have to spend on duct cleaning. Averagely you can spend from$230-$510 in most states but when it comes to large houses, you will definitely spend up to double that price.  

Extra Costs 

When cleaning up your ducts the company responsible might meet some areas that need to be worked on to make your system run on normal again. There might be minor repairs that might cost you a few more dollars as well as some services that are offered separately when it comes to cleaning the ductwork. 

Therefore, on top of the amount you set aside for the cleaning, you better have a few more dollars in case there is something extra to be done. You might absolutely need that service and you can not leave the problem unsettled. 

Duct Cleaning Services 

There are few trusted duct cleaning companies that offer nice services. They are usually passed by the environmental protection agency which regulates the services that you can have and which can offer the best. 

A suitable cleaning agency would obviously have the correct equipment especially those that have external venting systems to make sure that you don’t have the debris spreading all over the house which might cause complications. If you hire an agency with substandard equipment it might end up damaging the ductwork again making you incur a lot of costs. 

Average Cost of Duct Cleaning – Final Word 

The average cost of duct cleaning usually depends on the number of issues that dictate how much you might spend on cleaning up the ducts. The good news is that you might not have to do the cleaning more often. 

It is just that you might need to attend to so many details that might have built up with time and all you will need is to set aside something for the project over time. The point of having your ducts cleaned is to have fresh air in the house and you ought to make sure that the company you hire a trusted company that will do a good job. 

Keeping your ducts clean is so important especially when they have stayed for a long time without cleaning. So you can have the cleaning services at the given price knowing it is worth the amount you are ready to offer. What do you think, is duct cleaning worth it?