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The best time to install a central air conditioner is open for debate regarding seasonal products. Should a new air conditioning system be installed during the summertime? Maybe it’s best to wait until the offseason and handle those matters once winter arrives. Winter can usher in better prices due to less demand for new HVAC units. 

To be truthful, neither winter nor summer is the best season for installing a new air conditioning system. There is less demand for HVAC units during the winter months, but there is more demand for furnaces. 

Summer and Winter are Hectic for HVAC Contractors

HVAC companies are hectic during the wintertime dealing with furnace repairs and new installations. Naturally, homeowners need to replace both their heating and cooling systems, and many of them will handle them simultaneously. 

The same can be said for those warm summer months when people realize that their air conditioning systems need some work. People looking for deals on furnaces during the off-season aren’t going to find them. HVAC companies are busy installing and repairing both types of systems during the summer season. 

Beating The Market

How do you find those air conditioning system bargains? If they are in high demand during the winter and summer months, when is the best time to buy? Both the spring and autumn seasons represent great buying opportunities. The HVAC companies call these months “the offseason.” 

During the springtime, the weather is still quite cool. People don’t necessarily have to run their heating systems, but they aren’t cranking up air conditioners either. A noticeable drop in demand for HVAC work during spring and autumn means technicians have more time on their hands. As a result, you’re likely to get a much better quote for repairs and installations. 

For the best possible choice, go with fall. HVAC companies collectively see fewer sales during the fall months, and this means you might even be able to use that as leverage to score a much better deal. While cost plays a massive role in the price of a new installation, demand has a much more significant impact than you might think. When work is slow, HVAC contractors are more likely to make a good deal with you.  

Final Thoughts – Best Time to Install a Central Air Conditioner

While you might think that you can deal with your AC during winter and your heater during the summer to the tune of some sweet deals, that is just simply not the case. Each of those seasons represents a time when people keep the HVAC contractors very busy. Call them during the spring or fall, and you will be much happier.

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