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Avoid operating or running your air conditioner more than needed, whether a unit serving your whole house or a solitary room. Following are air conditioner maintenance tips to help your air conditioning system operate optimally all year long.

Appreciate How Your House Air Conditioner Functions

Most central air conditioning systems have two essential parts: the outdoor unit, the compressor or the condenser, and the indoor unit, also called the evaporator. The outdoor unit is next to your house. The indoor unit lies close to your furnace.

If you have installed a heat pump in place of a furnace, you may have to read the owner’s manual to figure out the arrangement of the components. However, the critical parts of the system will be the same, with the indoor unit situated in the air handler.

How To Fix The Fins

The easiest way to straighten bent or crushed fins is using a dinner knife. Apply moderate pressure to get them back in line. Ensure you do not insert the dinner knife beyond half an inch to avoid damage.

Regularly Clean The System

Use a brush with soft bristles to clean and vacuum out the dirt from the fins of your AC unit. Note: carefully clean the system fins; they are fragile and easily damaged through crushing and bending. While cleaning most air conditioning units, you must unbolt and remove the metal box to reach them. Ensure you lift off the box carefully to avoid damaging the fins. Also, read and follow the system’s manual.

How To Repair A Sinking Pad On Your Home Air Conditioner

Over time, the concrete pads below your home air conditioner and the heat exchanger units will likely sink after years of usage. It is usual for the pad to sink. However, you should be concerned if there is a visible strain on the copper coolant tunes and the electrical lines, causing the unit to stay wet and unevenly placed.  

If the pad sinks and tightens the lines or water gathers around the unit, you must take the necessary action.

Get A Programmable Thermostat For Your Air Conditioning System

A programmable thermostat is an excellent technological investment for air conditioning systems in modern times. It enables you to set temperatures on your air conditioner all day long and lower the temperatures to save on energy consumption when you need to. Moreover, it helps you manage the cooling system without using the dialer all the time.

Include An In-Line Duct Booster For Your Home Air Conditioning Systems

If you are using a forced-air cooling system, there is a chance some house sections will be hotter than others. Here, you will need a duct or a vent booster fan to raise the flow and circulation of air in that room. There are two types of booster fans you can use. One is the in-line duct booster fan (as shown below) which goes inside the duct of the room you want to cool. All you need to do is fit the fan close to the outlet, and it will automatically go on when the cooling system is running.

The other option is to vent and register booster fans placed directly on the ceiling, floor, or wall registers. Depending on the type and model of the fan, you can set the fan to run automatically, use a switch to control it or operate the fan remotely.

Reduce Or Completely Eliminate The Noise From The Air Conditioner

If you have a new condenser at home, the most irritating noise could be stemming from the compressor. Fans on more recent units are usually reticent. It is best to contact the manufacturer and ask for a suitable sound blanket for your unit’s model. Alternatively, you can purchase a universal blanket by searching for a “compressor sound blanket” online. Luckily, the installation process is quite simple.

Please note: there is no need to put a blanket on an old unit because you will still hear its noisy fan.

Unblock The Condensate Drain Tube

You know your unit’s condensate drain tube is clogged when you find water pools around the furnace with the air conditioner running. Usually, bacteria-forming slime blocks the condensate pan drain tube following condensation in the air conditioning coils.

Change The Filter

Before removing the furnace filter, ensure you turn off the power to the furnace from a neighbouring switch or the main panel. Next, remove the furnace filter and look for any accumulation of dirt. You may have to replace the filter if necessary.

Are You Using an Air Conditioner of the Right Size?

Part of the work of professional technicians is to determine the appropriate size of the AC based on the size of the building they will work to cool. It is essential to decide on the right air conditioning size when purchasing one for your home or when replacing an old air conditioning with a new one. If you select an air conditioning unit that is too small for your home/building space, the unit will have to overwork to cool as much air as it can. An under-sized unit will wear out faster and fail to meet the thermostat’s requirements fully.

If Possible, Install A Whole-House Fan

Whole-house fans have been efficient in cooling homes and buildings for many years. The design of a whole-house fan is quite simple: a fan mounted on the house attic forces hot air out via the attic vents and pulls in cooler outdoor air through the open windows and doors of the house. A whole-house fan is large enough and offers rapid air exchange to get rid of hot air from home within two or three minutes. The whole-house fan gets rid of pent-up heat, creating a refreshing breeze around the house.

Use the Windows of the House to Control Heat

Plenty of heat gets inside the house through the open windows. One of the best ways of regulating indoor temperatures is focusing on the windows. It is best to keep the windows closed and well-covered using blinds or drapes when it is hot, and particularly when the windows are facing the sun.

Diagnose & Fix The Repairs Yourself

If your central air conditioning unit breaks down when it is hot, you will have to wait for an HVAC technician to help you repair the unit. The repair technician may take a long some, and you will end up paying money for the repair service.

However, you could save money on the repair service, only spending about $50 on replacement parts, if you could learn and master the basics of working around electrical appliances. That way, you will not need to hire anyone, cutting down on the time and money you spend on repair services.

Check the Unit’s Insulation Systems

You can significantly improve the efficiency of your unit by removing the damaged and faulty insulation parts for your outdoor air conditioning lines.

A Fin Comb Is Very Useful

A fin comb is a perfect tool for straightening out the bent fins for a small-room air conditioner. Ensure you put on protective gloves to safeguard your hands from getting bruised or cut.

Use A Brush For Deep Cleaning the Air Conditioning Unit

A plastic bristle brush used together with a foam cleanser is a valuable hack for scrubbing crud from a small-room air conditioning unit.

Is It Time To Get A New Unit?

When the time comes to dispose of the air conditioning unit, you must duly use the proper waste disposal methods for such waste; it is wrong to casually throw the old air conditioning unit into the trash bin. There are clear rules for appropriate dumping from worn-out HVAC units according to the city of your location. The best way is to get in touch with the local waste management organization to help you discard the old air conditioning unit properly.

Locate All Air Leaks In The Building

To locate all air leaks, close all house windows, put on the fan, and shut down the furnace. Next, light enough incense and walk around the house’s external walls. You will see smoke coming out of any area with an air leak. Once you have located the source of the air leak, seal the gap entirely.

Why It Is Important To Wrap The Condenser Of Your Unit

When packing up the condenser of your air conditioning unit after the summer season is over, use plywood to cover the unit. Do not use a tarp or some canvas, as this will cause the unit to rust.

Get In Touch With Air Conditioners Repair And Maintenance Professionals

If you need to schedule a repair or maintenance for your air conditioning system, please call Furnace Repair Mississauga; their services are available on a 24/7 basis.

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