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Furnace maintenance is a periodic task that helps mitigate breakdowns, ensuring your furnace runs efficiently. It also extends its working life. Moreover, routine maintenance involves checks that help identify problems before they can morph into more significant issues that will cost more and pop up in the worst of times, like in the late of a cold winter night.

Why Does My Furnace Need Maintenance?

Failure to properly maintain your furnace increases the risk level for your family and property. For instance, not cleaning it to get rid of debris and dust that build up over time can see these particles cause damages that impact how your furnace operates. You eventually must call for repairs, and the costs can be high.

Filters will clog up as you run the furnace. And the contaminants trapped in the filters will restrict air flow, thus impeding how the unit cleans the indoor air, thus reducing the air quality, leading to health complications.

Your furnace might leak carbon monoxide, a gas that can easily be undetected since it has no taste or odour and poses significant health risks. Your home could suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning with symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and confusion. A technician can conduct the test to determine if the is a CO leak and check for any problems that might be the cause.

Another reason for periodic furnace maintenance is to keep the unit running without a glitch therein, making it function for longer; with the system costing thousands of dollars to install, it breaking down soon after can be disheartening. That is why you should report any sign of a problem that you find and have it inspected and cleaned annually. Overall, the maintenance will ensure your home is warm and cozy in the middle of the cold winters.

What’s Does Furnace Maintenance Entail?

Furnace maintenance is mostly doing tune-ups. A technician will inspect the system, check the essential components, test, clean, lubricate, and adjust them to ensure the unit works proficiently. Below is a breakdown of what to expect during furnace maintenance:

  1. Checking and removing any blockages in the air intake grilles and the vent system
  2. Inspecting the heat exchanger for corrosion or damages
  3. Checking the burner and flame sensor
  4. Examining the thermostat and attuning it
  5. Inspecting and cleaning the blower
  6. Checking all electrical connections to replace the damaged wires and tighten where needed
  7. Assessing and lubricating moving parts
  8. Inspecting the air filter to replace or clean it as needed
  9. Testing the system to ensure its startup cycle is correct and the safety controls are working
  10. Checking the blower motor and assessing its amp draw

How Often Should I Schedule The Maintenance?

Experts recommend having your furnace services at least once annually. Delaying or not doing the maintenance is risky. The potentially minor issues might morph into costly problems to fix. The maintenance will ensure that your system works without a glitch and will extend its tenure. And although this preventive service comes at a cost, the overall benefits will see you enjoy a warm and cozy home in the middle of winter.

Regarding furnace maintenance costs, consider this – the fewer repairs occasioned by this preventive service coupled with the extended shelf life overshadow what you pay for; thus, it is a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, having an HVAC system that operates optimally means you will have reduced utility bills. Also, the maintenance will ensure that you do not breach your HVAC unit’s warranty.

What Is The Average Cost Of Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace maintenance costs vary depending on the services you are receiving. Regular checks are roughly under $100, with some shooting upwards to $150 if your furnace has underlying issues. Consider hiring a technician that does not charge extra for the inspections and unnecessary repairs.

If there are repairs, most will cost between $145 to $423, depending on the issue. The costs might include fees for the new replacement parts like refrigerant, fan motor, or circuit board.

For example, the costs for fixing parts like the fan motor can range between $75 to $590 depending on the issue, whether it is repair or replacement. Prices can shoot up to $240 to $400 or as high as $850 to $2,900 when the problem is the circuit board, condenser coil, condensate pump, or any other critical component that needs replacing.

Furnace Maintenance Plans – Are They Worth The Money?

Some professionals attest that HVAC maintenance packages with priority clauses are a worthwhile investment, especially for homes in regions with extreme climates. Having efficient heating and air conditioning systems is necessary for such households.

Families with little ones and elderly members or people with health conditions that make them vulnerable to adverse weather and extreme temperatures can benefit from HVAC units. That is why paying an annual fee for preventive service ensures your furnace runs optimally through the year. Moreover, you will have someone come over to fix it when you discover an issue with the system.

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