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Comfort is knowing that your fireplaces Mississauga can be the centrepiece of your home. You can use it as a heat source or just as an additional statement to your home decor.

One of the main reasons people use fireplaces is to heat their homes. It is probably one of the oldest forms of heating, aside from open fire pits and cooking equipment. Of course, this modern age has brought electric radiators and air-conditioning systems, but some still prefer using old methods.

We provide various heating services such as furnace maintenance & installations, fireplaces, and heat pumps.

Fireplaces Mississauga Mantels

A fireplace can come in a variety of styles and decors. It can be part of the interior design or just a simple statement for your home. Also, you can decorate it with elegant tiles, glass windows, and even artificial logs. If you choose a more contemporary look, then an electric fireplace is perfect for you. These fireplaces have a heating effect but look exactly like real flames.
In terms of safety, you should choose for your fireplace an electric unit that comes with a security system. You can add this protection through hardwiring or using batteries to avoid having wires running down your chimney.

What Are The Types of Fireplaces

Several fireplaces depend on their manufacturer and how they built them. The main types of fireplaces are:
Gas and Electric
The most popular form of the fireplace is the electric one. Not only does it heat your home, but it can even mimic the look of real flames. However, you should be careful with this type of heating because batteries or electricity can fail during a storm or if you have a blackout, so you should have an alternate heat source.
Gas fireplaces are the most common type of fireplace in Canada. It works using an outside vent that allows gas combustion to produce heat and light inside your home. You can find this in some high-end homes, mainly if it includes a central heating unit for your home.
Wood Burning
This type of fireplace is also called open flame or ventless fireplace. The main advantage of this heating is that it heats the air around you without needing a chimney or an exhaust. However, these fireplaces can be quite dangerous if not handled with care because it produces toxic fumes along with carbon monoxide if not installed correctly.
Natural Gas or Propane
This type of fireplace is also called a sealed burner unit. It can be an outdoor fireplace and an indoor, and it runs on natural gas or propane as its primary power source. You can use wood as the main fuel source for this kind of fireplace, but they do not burn cleaner and more efficiently.

Fireplace Maintenance and Repair

Fireplaces should be well-maintained to ensure optimal heating performance. The design can last for years, but you have to ensure that you install and maintain it properly.
One of the essential things for fireplace maintenance is the chimney sweep. It has to be cleaned periodically or after several uses. You have to check the interior and exterior of the chimney for any blockage.
These are some things that you should consider when it comes to fireplace services in Mississauga. A well-maintained fireplace is a dwelling’s centrepiece, so take good care of it. You can have Furnace Repair Mississauga do this task for you because they are experts in fireplace maintenance and repair.

What Will a Fireplace Service Do?

When it comes to fireplace maintenance, there are some specific tasks that you should consider. These include:
  • Inspecting the exterior and interior of the chimney for any damage or cracks
  • Ensuring a proper air supply through a clean air kit
  • Cleaning of all components, including the glass door and mesh screen.
  • Cleaning the ashes and residue to avoid having unnecessary buildup that can lead to unsafe hazards
  • Repairing loose joints and bricks in the chimney
  • Replacing any broken tiles
  • Ensuring that all gas valves are operating properly
  • Changing your air filter
Fireplace Repair Mississauga offers complete fireplace services for installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, and cleaning. You can rely on them for all of your fireplace needs because they are the best when it comes to fireplace services in Mississauga.

Advantages of Fireplace Maintenance and Cleaning

Fireplace service is an important task to do for homeowners. It will make sure that your fireplace is in safe and good condition. A dirty and clogged chimney can be dangerous and may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which can lead to the death of yourself and anyone inside the house.
Some of the benefits you will experience when you clean and maintain your fireplace include:
  • Damage control: Clogged flues can cause carbon monoxide to build up inside your home. It will damage the structural integrity of your fireplace, which is why it should be cleaned and maintained regularly. You can find companies like Furnace Repair Mississauga that offer fireplace services for homes.
  • Toxin removal: Dust and smoke particles can build up over time, primarily if you use the fireplace frequently. Cleaning and regular maintenance may remove these particles.
  • Aesthetic improvement: If you clean your fireplace, the chimney sweep will ensure that you will also enhance your home’s decorating theme because of its appearance. It is why it should be part of every homeowner’s regular maintenance checklist.
  • Extend the life of your fireplace: A well-maintained and cleaned chimney can extend the lifespan of your fireplace and improve its performance and appearance at the same time.

Contact the Fireplace Mississauga Experts

If you want your fireplace cleaned, maintained, and repaired by the most reliable service provider in the area, then it is best to contact Furnace Repair Mississauga. They are an accredited furnace repair company that ensures quality customer service. They also provide quality fireplace services, and they can work on open flame or ventless fireplaces.

You should only hire the best companies for your chimney cleaning and maintenance because you need to make sure that all safety measures are put in place, especially if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Furnace Repair Mississauga is a company that you can count on to provide the most reliable fireplace services, such as:

  • Wood-burning and gas fireplace installation
  • Gas fireplace repairs and cleaning
  • Coal and pellet stove repairs and building maintenance
Contact Furnace Repair Mississauga for your chimney cleaning needs so you can enjoy a safe and clean fireplace this winter.

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