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Ductless mini split air conditioner in Mississauga, ON
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If you plan to invest in a mini-split system for your home, you should first learn about mini-split zones. The number of zones needed in your home may depend on the size of your home and the cooling requirements. For example, you can have a single zone, two zones, or even up to four zones in your home. This article answers the question: “How many mini-split zones do you need.”

Note – For simplification, we categorize mini-splits as single-zone or multi-zone.

Single Zone Ductless Mini-Splits

A single-zone mini-split solution uses only one ductless mini-split system with one unit for indoors and outdoors. Professional technicians install it in one room of your home or office. The room may have specific heating and cooling requirements that are currently not satisfied by the HVAC system. With a single-zone mini-split system, the other rooms in your home or office won’t benefit from temperature regulation or control. 

Multi-Zone Ductless Mini-Splits

Multi-zone ductless mini-splits feature a compressor that attaches to every indoor unit you have. A multi-zone unit will let you maintain different temperatures in different rooms in your home or office. The fewest units included in a multi-zone system are two, while some systems will have five units.

How Many Zones Do I Need?

It would help if you counted the rooms in your home or office that need better heating or cooling to determine how many zones you need. Each room is considered a zone when determining the number of zones. For example, take a standard house with a dining room, living room, three bedrooms, a home office, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. There should be better cooling and heating in the living room, bedrooms, and the home office. You should invest in a multi-zone mini-split system with five units for such a home. 

Installation Options

The five units should be installed indoors in the relevant rooms of your home, while the compressor installed outside the house. The installation is usually a ceiling-cassette style setup. It is less noticeable. If not, you can install the units under the floor. Wall mounting and horizontal ducting are the other installation options.

If you have more units as part of your ductless mini-split system, that will require additional maintenance. In addition, the installation costs will be higher. But if you have several rooms in your home or office that require separate temperature control, a multi-zone mini-split system is ideal for your home or office.

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Now that you know about single-zone and multi-zone ductless mini-split systems, you should decide which unit is best for your home or office. Furnace Repair Mississauga is your trusted partner in the Greater Toronto Area for all your mini-split system installations. Our units are available in one zone and five zones to heat and cool more than 2,000+ square feet.

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