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If you are shopping for a new central air conditioner for your Mississauga home and wonder how much such a system costs, you have come to the right place. Many factors affect the cost of a central air conditioning system in Mississauga, Ontario, including the brand & model you choose, your home size & unit cooling capacity, installation costs, and other factors. This article provides information on how much the central air conditioning cost in Mississauga.

First of all, note that the figures given here are just estimates. Get an accurate price estimate for installing a central AC in your home is to request a free quote. You can get it from our certified local contractor partners. Also, note that all the prices listed in this guide include installation unless otherwise stated. 

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Installing A New Central AC

If you plan to replace the old air conditioner system with a new central AC system in your home, you should know about the many different factors affecting the final price you pay the contractor to install the system. Here are some of the most common factors that could impact the price:

Brand Of The A/C

Like any other product on the market, some AC brands cost more than others. The more expensive the brand, the more features it may include. But it doesn’t mean all expensive brands are the best. Sometimes, expensive brands spend more money on marketing to position themselves as “high-end” products.

Model Of The A/C

Almost every air conditioner brand provides a wide range of AC models. It starts from less expensive and less efficient to high-end and more energy-efficient air conditioner systems. Thus, the high-end models are equipped with more features and perform better and quietly.

The Size Of The Unit

AC systems come in different sizes to suit different homes in Mississauga. Hence, the larger the square footage you need to cool in your home or commercial building, the more expensive the AC system is. 


Many factors affect the installation cost. Every home is different, and some homes are older than others. Many factors may influence the cost of installing a new AC in your home. It includes the location you plan to install the new unit and the age of the current HVAC system. Also, it includes other factors like home safety upgrades to meet the current building codes.

The Area You Live

If you live in a rural area or small town, the cost of installation can be lesser. Living in an urban area is much expensive where there is more competition between local companies. 

Which Company You Buy The AC From

Different HVAC companies may quote different prices for a central AC system depending on their overheads and level of service provided. Going for the highest or lowest price is not always the best move. For example, a company that offers the lowest price may not offer as good workmanship as an established and reliable service provider. They may not provide the same level of service, warranty coverage, and so on.

Central Air Conditioning Cost In Mississauga

You should expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,750 for a new moderately efficient central air conditioner system (with a SEER rating 13-15). A more efficient (16 to 20+ SEER) central AC system should cost more than $6,000 with installation. 

You may find “cheap deals” on classified sites in the Greater Toronto Area. But you should be cautious when dealing with such service providers since low prices often mean low service value in return. There can be unreliable service providers that don’t honour warranties and provide shoddy workmanship using refurbished units. Our team has frequently received service calls for help from consumers in these situations.

Ongoing Costs Once You Purchase A Central Air Conditioner

After your initial purchase of an energy-efficient central AC for your Mississauga home, you should set aside money for preventive maintenance. You should set aside between $100 to $250 for annual inspection and tune-up of the unit. Even though a tune-up may not always be necessary, some AC manufacturers and contractors who install units may require you to service the unit annually to maintain continuous coverage. On the other hand, you should also consider the added electricity costs as mentioned below:

Annual Operating Costs Of A Central Air Conditioner

Operating a central AC can be somewhat expensive. And a Mississauga resident should expect to spend between $300 to $1,000 per year to operate a central AC, including the electricity bills. Moreover, electricity rates and usage may affect how much you pay in the end. While most Mississauga homes will be in the low to middle end of the range, some prominent houses tend to be at the higher end. 

Factors Affecting Electricity Usage & Central A/C Operating Costs

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Size of the house: A large home may require a larger AC unit that draws more electricity.

The usage of the central AC: Some residents cool their homes 24/7, while others may use the unit only in the evenings and during the night. You can save money by limiting the usage to only the hottest days in summer and switching off the unit when temperatures are more bearable.  

Thermostat settings: The lower the thermostat setting on the system, the more electricity is required to maintain the temperature. 

Weather and climate: The hotter the temperature in the area, the more the AC unit has to work to keep your family comfortable.

Quality of insulation in your home: A well-insulated home will retain the cool air from the AC to keep the warm air out. Also, keep all the windows and doors closed while operating the unit.

The efficiency of the unit: The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient your AC unit is. For example, investing in an 18 SEER central AC will help you save more money in the long run compared to investing in a 14 SEER central AC.

Peak hour usage: If you use the system during peak hours, more electricity charges will be.

Shade and other factors: The shade and number of trees around your home will affect the internal temperature of the house and subsequent AC usage.

Tips To Save Energy

  • Upgrade the insulation – It helps maximize heat retention and make sure the AC isn’t working too hard to keep your family comfortable. Check the seal around the windows to see if they require replacements.
  • Choose energy star – Opt for an Energy Star certified central AC unit with a greater SEER to save electricity charges in the long run.
  • Get smart – Use a Smart thermostat to set your home’s temperature automatically or remotely.
  • Adjust the thermostat – Don’t run the unit 24/7. Raise the temperature a few degrees to save energy. A couple of degrees should make a big difference.
  • Get a tune-upPreventive maintenance is essential to prepare the unit for the summer season. An efficient unit will lower your monthly electricity bills.
  • Beat the heat off-peak – Electricity prices are much lower during off-peak hours. Limit the AC use for these hours to save money over time.
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