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Latent warm air outdoors is turned into valuable heat for homeowners and business owners via air source heat pumps (ASHPs). These air source heat pumps are an environmentally-friendly option, but people often have questions about the noise. How noisy are air source heat pumps once they are up and running? 

Global targets for CO2 emissions have made ASHPs popular with most governments. The UK Dept. of Energy published findings in 2011 concerning the noise levels of air source heat pumps. The UK government used nine different sites in conducting the study. Sound levels were considered acceptable, and in fact, the guidelines were about what manufacturers expected. 

The government wanted to understand the level of sound pressure better next to the heat pump. The narrow focus helped the researchers do a complete tonal analysis that enabled them to provide the necessary feedback to specified manufacturers. In turn, manufacturers can use that feedback to make any necessary changes. 

The study data is exceptionally beneficial to manufacturers, but it doesn’t help homeowners and business owners. We must assess everyday sounds associated with air source heat pumps to provide them with the information they need. 

Air Source Heat Pump Decibel Levels

To better understand decibel levels for ASHPs, it helps to compare them to other household equipment used regularly. For example, a hairdryer will produce noise to the tune of 80 decibels. A washing machine operates at 70 decibels, and so does a vacuum cleaner. What about those air source heat pumps? How do they stack up? 

Noise levels can vary depending on the system type and manufacturer, but on average, noise decibel levels for ASHPs will fall in the 40-60 decibel range. You can equate the noise level for an air source heat pump to be like a bird call. Another way of putting it is to think about the noise level for background music playing at an office. 

Final Thoughts – How Noisy are Air Source Heat Pumps?

ASHPs are relatively quiet compared to other machinery, even though the quality of installation is critical. If installed correctly, air-source heat pumps work quietly and operate smoothly. Purchase an ASHP from a reputable manufacturer, and be sure to call a certified technician to handle the installation for your home or business.

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