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How Often Should Ducts Be Cleaned

How Often Should Ducts Be Cleaned?

We recommend that you ensure that the air duct system present in your home is clean and safe for you and your family. In terms of how often should ducts be cleaned, we recommend that you clean your air duct system every two to three years. 

However, this value can change from time to time, as there are many factors you have to consider when making up your mind on when to get the air duct system cleaned. 

What Do We Mean by Air Ducts? 

Air ducts are you are well aware of are the tubes connected to your HVAC model. The HVAC system ensures that air from the surrounding is pulled in, and the air undergoes cooling or heating, depending on the thermostat settings. 

The HVAC system works in a way that it pushes air out of the vents and through the air ducts throughout your place. In terms of how often should ducts be cleaned, we recommend that you clean the air duct system regularly, as the air ducts tend to be a great spot for molds and allergens, which could cause a lot of problems. 

Most of the HVAC technicians and professionals recommend that you conduct air duct cleaning at least every two to three years unless you’ve experienced some of the factors. We also advise that you have your air ducts cleaned during the cool months. As you are well aware, cool air, as opposed to warm air, doesn’t damage the air ducts as much. 

Air Duct Cleaning 

In case you want the AC system present in your home to function properly, you will have to regularly clean and maintain the ductwork system. The AC system often cleans the ducts and also produces fresh air throughout your place. 

However, over a certain time, grime and dust tend to accumulate on the ducts, forcing the system to push air through the junk and in the long run could cause a lot of problems including air contamination. There are many factors you should consider before air duct cleaning. Such factors include; 

  • How well has the system be cleaned and maintained? 
  • The ductwork status 
  • The dust amount present in the air 
  • The age of the ductwork system and also the HVAC equipment 
  • Mold presence has been found on the furnace or on the AC unit in your home. 
  • Cooling and heating costs have increased 
  • Your home is always dusty. It doesn’t matter how much you dust or clean 
  • You have a brand new home or your home has undergone extensive reconstructions or renovations recently. 

Why Should the Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Cleaning the ductwork system is among the best methods in ensuring the safety and health of your HVAC unit system. Ducts can be contaminated by dust, hair, pet, animal dander, and other particles. Due to such particles accumulating on the ducts, in terms of how often should ducts be cleaned, they should be regularly. 

These particles often obstruct airflow to the system that will, in turn, cause mechanical failures of which are very expensive to repair. Therefore it is mandatory that you regularly clean your ductwork system to ensure proper and efficient air circulation. 

Benefits of Regular Air Duct Cleaning 

In terms of how often should ducts be cleaned, they should be done regularly. Down below are some of the benefits of regularly cleaning your air ducts; 

  • Cleaning your air ducts regularly provides a cleaner and better environment. 
  • Regular duct cleaning makes you spend less time cleaning and dusting  
  • Even though no one in your family has any respiratory issues, it is still better that you breathe clean and fresh air 
  • Regular duct cleaning means that flooring, bedding, and furniture will require very little maintenance.  
  • Those who tend to have allergies or asthma, tend to breathe easily as the allergens are greatly reduced throughout the duct system 
  • Harmful microorganisms that include mold spores, bacteria, and mildew are not present due to regular duct cleaning 
  • If you have pets, your homestead will smell good 
  • Regular ductwork cleaning makes your HVAC unit system function efficiently that can lead to fewer repairs, greater life periods of cooling and heating unit systems, and lower energy bills 
  • Contaminants manufactured from cleaning products together with the other materials are not present in the air, thanks to regular duct cleaning. 

How Should Duct Cleaning Be Performed? 

Some of us tend to believe that cleaning the ductwork system by yourself is cheaper and easier as opposed to duct cleaning by a professional. You just have to make sure that you have the necessary tools and equipment to do the job. In case you want to clean the ducts by yourself, you should be able to; 

  • Open doors or access ports in order to allow inspection and cleaning of the HVAC system. 
  • You shot be able to use vacuum tools in order to exhaust particles inside and outside of your home or rather you can use the high-efficiency particulate air vacuum equipment in case the vacuum exhaust particles inside of the house. 
  • Ensure that you protect the household and carpet furnishings while conducting duct cleaning. 
  • In order to dislodge dust plus the other particles, you should use well-controlled duct brushing in conjunction with vacuum cleaning. 
  • For sheet ducts that are internally lined by fiberglass, duct board and fiberglass ensure that you use a soft brush. The flex duct is cleaned by the use of the air whip of which is connected to the air compressor or soft-bristled brushes. 
  • Remove, clean, and finally reinstall all the vents and registers. 
  • Take care as you protect the ductwork system that includes reinsulating and sealing any access holes made or used by the service technician in order to make them be airtight. 

How Often Should Ducts Be Cleaned – Conclusion

For all of those asking how often should ducts be cleaned, it should be regularly as we have already mentioned depending on the factors mentioned above. Clean air ducts contribute to overall clean indoor air that creates a safe and comfortable space for living. 

In case you cannot clean the air ducts by yourself, you should schedule a call with an HVAC professional to assist you in cleaning the ductwork system.