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Even the very best air conditioners will begin to lose their functionality without regular service. When you don’t carry out AC maintenance, performance declines, and the efficiency of operations is lost — which can lead to higher energy costs and a reduced lifespan for your air conditioner.  

As a result, it raises a fundamental question that should be examined in further detail: “How often should I service my air conditioner?”  

How Often is AC Service Needed? 

While there is a wide margin of leeway, the best schedule for air conditioner maintenance is twice a year, once at the beginning of spring and the other at the beginning of fall. This bi-annual service will ensure that your air conditioner is kept clean and in full function with all the components in proper functioning order.  

In the fall, HVAC repair and maintenance contractors are on call preparing furnaces for the cold winter months. Once the weather warms up in the spring, they should be called back to examine the functionality of your HVAC unit and keep it running properly.  

But this doesn’t mean that your air conditioner shouldn’t be cleaned and maintained at the same time your HVAC is being prepared for winter. After a long summer of heavy lifting, your air conditioner can benefit from a professional examination.  

The Benefits of AC Maintenance Contracts 

One of the more convenient services you can find offered by many HVAC companies are maintenance contracts. AS the name implies, these contracts provide regular maintenance service to clients in exchange for a nominal fee. This deal includes other benefits beyond the regular care and maintenance of the air conditioner unit, including special prices for replacement components and other accessories.  


Benefits of AC Maintenance Contracts

Priority Service — when the air conditioner hits the skids, the interior of your home can get very uncomfortable in a hurry. The only way this can get any worse is if you have to wait long hours in the unbearable heat before a technician is dispatched to your location. With priority service from your HVAC specialists, you will never have to wait long to get a solution.  

The entire maintenance contract deal is based on the idea of providing clients with better services in a shorter time frame. When services are being assigned to HVAC mobile technicians, these contract-carrying clients go straight to the top of the list.  

A HVAC unit that is well-maintained and regulated is also less likely to break down out of nowhere; this means that maintenance contracts also reduce the occurrence of breakdowns and the need for emergency services.  

Discounts on Most Parts and Accessories 

Air conditioners are not cheap contraptions. When it comes time to replace and repair components of your air conditioner, the costs can be very high. For example, the operations of your air conditioner are based entirely on the functionality of the compressor. If costs of replacing this important component can exceed the thousands of dollars. The only alternative would be to replace the entire air conditioner system, which is also a costly project.  

Most people don’t keep a portion of their funds set aside to address repairs and replacements for an AC unit. To keep your carefully planned budget from being totally torpedoed by a sudden problem and necessary replacement, you can enjoy the budget saving benefits of your maintenance contract. Even though you will be paying for a regular service, the savings you make in special prices for parts and replacements will more than recoup your investment.  

Another project that would be much cheaper after taking out a maintenance contract would be adding a whole-house humidifier or whole-home air purification system to your home climate. With the benefits of a maintenance contract, you can save cash and preserve your financial plan.  

Regular HVAC Maintenance Checkups 

The maintenance contract’s list of benefits centrepiece is the regular maintenance service provided. Perform this professional examination for your HVAC system twice a year. This standard systems check ensures that all parts and processes of your HVAC unit are at peak functionality and set to operate with the least amount of strain possible.  

These regular inspections are essential not only to keep your home’s energy efficiency at maximum levels but for increasing the quality and length of your air conditioner’s service life. Essentially, these regular maintenance services preserve your hard-earned resources in the short term and long term.  

What Does AC Service Include? 

At this point, you may be wondering, “what does an air conditioner service call include and what can I expect from this?  

Every HVAC service company is a little different, and will provide their own brand of services and maintenance. But they all share a common goal of increasing the longevity and efficiency of your AC.  

To begin with, the HVAC technician sent to inspect your AC unit will perform a thorough inspection of all mechanical and electrical components and systems. They will make sure everything is operating as intended. Lubrication will be added to mechanical parts and they will also be cleaned as needed.  

The flow of electricity and air through the AC systems will be checked to ensure everything is on point. If any small disturbances in the force or pressure are detected, they will be investigated further. 

The inspection will also include assessments for the functionality of the major components of the air conditioner. The blower fan, condenser, ductwork and refrigerant levels will be examined and rated according to their need for attention, repairs or replacement — these details can be addressed on the spot, for the cost of labor.  

The inspection will continue to include an important aspect of air conditioner functions that can be prone to malfunctions. The condensate drain collects moisture that condenses off the coils and channels it safely to a suitable receptacle — typically, a Ficus. 

This drainage tube can fill with all types of contaminants, including bacteria, molds and algae. This is when your air conditioner may start dripping down the wall or into your home’s construction materials. Your AC service technician will prevent this with a thorough cleaning and inspection.  

The inspection will also include a review of the thermostat’s functions. If your thermostat is not transmitting accurate information, it could benefit from a recalibration.     

As you can see, the AC service included in your maintenance contract is comprehensive and works to improve every aspect of your AC’s functionality, efficiency and longevity.  

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips 

In addition to providing semi-annual care and maintenance to your air conditioner, there are other practices that you can use to improve the efficiency and longevity of your AC unit. You can find a full readout of these services in your owner’s manual, but we will also cover the most important highlights right here.  

Changing the HVAC Filter — the air filter is essential to keeping the airflow clean by filtering our airborne contaminants. These filters will become laden with pollutants and will soon begin to obstruct the flow of air. Your AC unit will then have to work harder to perform the same level of performance you expect. Prevent this by keeping your air filters clean and regularly replaced.  

Keeping the Condenser Area Clean — the condenser is housed outside of the home. This makes it susceptible to a variety of damage. Protect your condenser from impacts, dirt and dings, by keeping the area around the condenser cordoned off and kept as clean as possible.  

Pour Vinegar Down Your Condensate Drain — as your AC unit begins to increase its workload in the spring, the condensate drains will be especially prone to clogs. Avoid any water damage problems by pouring vinegar through the tube to keep things flowing smoothly.  

Keep an Eye on Your Vent Covers — The ducts system that directs cool air throughout your home passes through vent covers. These should be kept clean and regularly inspected. If mold growth appears, you should call in an experienced HVAC technician to detect the source of the moisture.  

Need Air Conditioner Service in Mississauga, Ontario? 

As you can see, regular care and maintenance is part of maximizing the value of your AC. By keeping the mechanisms and electrical systems operating at maximum efficiency, the longevity of your AC unit will increase. In addition to benefiting your financial plan, this is an integral part of protecting the environment and reducing waste heading to landfills.  

If you are looking for an AC repair technician to provide essential service and maintenance to keep your AC unit running efficiently, call Furnace Repair Mississauga at (289) 814-9070 and arrange an appointment with our knowledgeable representatives. We are a locally owned and operated company offering superior services at a competitive price to the Greater Toronto Area — call today for more information.

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