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Why duct cleaning in Mississauga? Ducts are an integral part of your heating and cooling system. You can’t see a duct from plain sight, which is why people don’t give much regard to them.

All of it accumulates in your air ducts, from dust to dangerous gases. Not just that, but also dry leaves, grass clippings, and insects may eventually find their way into the intake vents of your air-conditioning and heating system. That’s why cleaning your ducts is a vital part of your yearly upkeep. It helps keep your family healthy and breathe clean air inside the house all the time.

When Do You Need Duct Cleaning?

Prevention is better than cure. The best time to have your ducts cleaned is before any problems begin. Here are some of the signs that may indicate that you need duct cleaning.
Clogged vents and ducts
Over time, the dust gets accumulated in your vents, and the dryer it gets, the lesser air goes through them. That’s why it is essential to have your ducts regularly cleaned to ensure proper airflow inside your house all the time.
Leaking water
It is one of the most common duct problems. Sometimes, you may find water leaking from your vents or being pushed through them even when the air conditioner unit isn’t running at all. If this problem sounds familiar to you, it’s time to call in a professional duct cleaner to have your unit thoroughly inspected and cleaned.
The build-up of mould and mildew
Over time, the air ducts may get clogged with dirt, debris, leaves, etc. These elements help develop mould and mildew, which is health-hazardous for your family.
Pungent odour
Sometimes you may find a pungent, musty odour inside your house even when all the rooms are closed. Foul odour occurs because of the mould and mildew growing in your air ducts. It can also indicate that a mouse or other creature is living inside your home.
Frequent system breakdowns
If your air conditioning or heating unit keeps breaking down frequently even when the weather is cold or hot, it may be because of dirty air ducts. Because of this, it becomes difficult for the system to manage temperatures properly.
Health issues like respiratory problems and allergies
Polluted air affects your health badly. It can cause serious health problems like respiratory problems, sinus infections, allergies, etc. That’s why it is always better to have your air ducts cleaned before the problem gets worse.

What are The Benefits of Duct Cleaning Mississauga?

There are several benefits of duct cleaning. The main ones are:
  • Healthier and cleaner home environment: As mentioned above, dirty air ducts can cause serious health problems and allergies, and it is crucial to keep them clean. Furnace Repair Mississauga does precisely that for you! It removes all the dirt, dust, debris, and other harmful elements from your ducts and makes them look new again.
  • Lesser energy consumption: If you want to reduce your monthly utility bills, it is vital to keep your AC unit clean and run efficiently. The AC/heating performance of a dirty system reduces by 20%. So having your ducts cleaned at least once in 6 months will help lower your monthly energy bills.
  • Longer equipment life: Clogged ducts cause problems to the internal components of your heating and cooling system like coils, fans, etc. Also, an unclean system may cause premature breakdowns. So it’s better to implement proper air duct cleaning services to keep your unit running efficiently.

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

According to NADCA or National Air Duct Cleaners Association, the ideal time to have your air ducts cleaned is once every three to five years. However, if you live in an area where the air quality is inferior due to extreme weather conditions or high pollution levels, it’s better to have them cleaned once a year.

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Usually, the price of air duct cleaning varies from one company to another. The cost also depends upon the size of your home and the number of vents you need to clean. The general average is around $373, and most companies offer a discount if you book an appointment with them for more than one unit.
Hiring the services of Furnace Repair Mississauga is your best bet for having clean and healthy air ducts. You can contact them anytime as they provide service 24/7, including weekends and holidays, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

What If You Don’t Clean Your Ducts?

Having your air ducts cleaned regularly is highly recommended by experts. However, it will be more expensive if you don’t clean them regularly and decide to hire services only when the problem arises. Some other issues you may encounter if you don’t clean your ducts include:
  • Increasing energy bills: A dirty air duct causes a severe problem to your AC unit as it has to work harder and longer.
  • Higher chances of breakdowns: Your system might stop working anytime if the dirt and debris inside are not removed regularly.
  • Mould, mildew, and other health problems: Air ducts become the breeding ground for mould, mildew, and other harmful bacteria if you don’t clean them regularly and, therefore, can cause serious health problems.
  • Dirty air coming out of your vents: If you don’t clean the air ducts regularly, the dirt and debris stuck inside your vents can escape back into your home.
If you notice any of these problems in your system, make sure to contact Furnace Repair Mississauga ASAP!

Why Hire Furnace Repair Mississauga?

Furnace Repair Mississauga has been a professional air duct cleaning company in business for over a decade. We have a team of certified and licensed technicians highly experienced in HVAC services and air duct cleaning. The company offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with affordable rates, same-day appointments, flexible payments options, etc.

Furnace Repair Mississauga believes in maintaining a healthy living environment for you and your loved ones. We have worked hard to build our reputation in the market by offering quality heating and cooling services that are unmatched anywhere else. So, call us today at (289) 804-8506 if you need any help with your HVAC system!

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