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humidifier installation in Mississauga can make a huge difference when it comes to improving the indoor air quality of your home. There are many different types of humidifiers. But the whole house furnace humidifier is one of the most effective because you can install it on even older furnaces quickly and easily.

The air inside your home helps keep your skin hydrated. It allows you to breathe easier, but it can also contribute to several other health problems. Low humidity levels can cause dry air that irritates the respiratory system and causes sinus problems, or worse.
Humidifier installation has never been easier thanks to this easy-to-install whole house furnace humidifier. Once you install the unit, it works to release a stream of humidity into your home’s air, which increases the moisture levels and cleans the air as it circulates throughout.
Furnace Repair Mississauga is one of the best humidifier installation companies. We offer a comprehensive installation of new humidifiers. In addition to installing new units, they can test your current unit and make any repairs it may need.

How Does a Whole House Humidifier Work?

The whole house furnace humidifier works by increasing the humidity inside your home. The unit attaches to your furnace, where it collects water from the condensation line of your current system. From there, it regulates the temperature and moisture level before releasing a steady stream of humidity into your home’s air.

Why Install Whole House Humidifiers?

Whole-house humidifiers can be great investments because they can relieve many health problems. Other benefits are as follows:
  • Save money: Ensuring your home is at the right temperature reduces over-cooling or overheating, which can cut down on heating costs.
  • Balanced indoor humidity levels: You’ll have a more comfortable home, which means you won’t need to run your fan as long or as often.
  • Lessens Allergies and asthma: If there are balanced indoor humidity levels, you will have less irritated airways. It can also reduce symptoms that occur from both allergies and asthma.
  • Helps you breathe easier: Dry air can irritate your respiratory system, but humid air will help moisturize the delicate tissues that line your body’s largest organ.
  • Stops static: Static electricity occurs when there isn’t enough humidity in the air, but once you install a humidifier, you can kiss frequent shocks goodbye.
  • Protects home furnishings: Dry air can cause furniture to become brittle or crack, but humid air will keep all your home’s wood and fabrics in excellent condition.

Types of Whole House Furnace Humidifier

There are some different types of furnace humidifiers. Still, in particular, one is considered a whole house dry type system because it maintains the indoor humidity levels in the entire home. This unit attaches to your furnace and functions much like a standard furnace by releasing heated air through vents.
Other types of humidifier installations include:
Bypass Humidifiers
This type of humidifier attaches to the furnace’s air ducts and circulates indoor humidity throughout the home. It works by sending the furnace’s heated air directly to your home’s interior, and then if it encounters a cold surface, it will turn into liquid form.
As this liquid evaporates, it increases the temperature and humidity of the air that returns to the home. This type of humidifier is excellent for homes with dust allergies because you don’t have bulky hoses to run through your home.
Steam Humidifiers
This type of unit is a bit more complex than the bypass humidifier, but it’s also much more efficient. It works by directing warm water into a boiler. The boiler creates steam that travels through the air ducts and replaces the dry air with humidity. The downside to this type of humidifier is it requires a constant supply of water and electricity to operate.
Fan-powered Humidifiers
This unit is excellent for homes with limited access to electricity because it doesn’t require any. Once you’ve installed this type of humidifier, you have to fill the tank with water then plug in the system’s power cord, which activates a fan that starts circulating indoor humidity into your home.

How Do Experts Perform Humidifier Installation Mississauga?

After you’ve decided to invest in a whole-house humidifier installation, contact your local HVAC experts. They’ll be able to recommend a unit that will provide the best humidity levels for your home, and they can install the system efficiently.
It all starts with the ductwork. It must be clean and free of any obstructions that will hinder the airflow from preventing the humidifier from working at its full potential. The experts will cut a hole into the return air duct to attach the humidifier with screws.
Water Supply Line
The installers will install the water line before installation begins because this is what provides water for the furnace. Depending on your needs and budget, some units require a water line while others don’t.
Electrical Connection
Some humidifiers will need to be connected directly to your furnace’s power supply, which provides the unit with electricity for its heating components. However, if you’re opting for an electrical-free approach, then your experts will use a water-powered humidifier instead.
Once your installer has finished, make sure you schedule a maintenance appointment. It would be best to do it every three months to ensure it’s operating at total capacity. Otherwise, you run the risk of installing a faulty unit that doesn’t control humidity levels as it should.

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Contact your local experts today if you’re interested in investing in a humidifier installation. They’ll be able to recommend a suitable unit for your home and provide quality service throughout the installation process.

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