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How to Install Humidifier on Furnace

How to Installl Humidifier on Furnace

The method of how to install humidifier on furnace in order to protect yourself and your family from dry cold air is quite easy. The water solenoid of the forced-air furnace should be directly connected with a cold or hot water pipe. This is where water enters the system. Some of the humidifiers nowadays are heated by use of the supply air, and the required moisture amount is added to the air around as installment happens at the return air-duct. The process of installation tends to use the bypass duct located on the humidifier so as to supply air in your house. For those that want to install humidifier on furnace, we have provided you with some of the steps that you can follow for easy installation. 

Manufacturers tend to produce templates that you can make holes from when installing the furnace humidifier or both systems. You should ensure that the furnace is switched off before kicking off the installation process. 

You should be able to create holes, install the humidifier on the furnace and finally mark the template, of which you might take around two hours to finish the installation process. The steps on how to install humidifier on furnace are as follows. 

Install the Furnace Humidifier 

This is the first step.  You should be in a good position to use the marker and template to map out and create a hole where the humidifier can be installed. The manufacturer will provide you with the instructions and templates for the process. 

The outline should be drilled on the corners and following the manufacturer’s, instructions cut a hole with the aviation snips. The mounting plate should be correctly positioned before you begin drilling the hole. The humidifier is then attached to the mounting plate by use of metal screws. 

Cut and Mark the Humidistat Outline 

This is the second step of the furnace humidifier installation process. The manufacturer should have provided you with the instruction list or manual, that should be able to tell you the humidistat location. 

Usually, the humidistat is connected to the return air ducts that are located slightly above the humidifier. Once you have already cut out the hole, you should be in a good position to ensure the low voltage is connected properly and using the tin screws supplied secure your thermostat. 

Install Electrical Options for the Humidifier 

This is the third step on how to install humidifier on furnace. Following the manual provided by the manufacturer, you should be able to connect your humidistat with the furnace. Some of the units tend to use the step-down transformer with volts ranging from 120v to 24v. 

Ensure that you switch off the power, in case wiring has not yet been done. You can then wire the humidifier and finally install the system transformer. In case you are not sure of how to install the furnace humidifier, you should be able to schedule a call with an HVAC professional or technician that can assist you in the installation process. 

Connect Your Furnace Humidifier 

Endure that you attach the humidifier and the valve of the solenoid by use of a correctly sized nut. You should be in a good position to attach wire ends and the nuts together and don’t forget to turn over the nuts until they become very tight. When turning the nuts, you should ensure that you do not twist the wire ends, to avoid problems when you switch on the furnace humidifier. 

Install the Water Line to the Humidistat 

This is very necessary and important that you install the saddle valve on the waterline, especially when the local codes tend to allow direct tapping of the waterline while running the line towards the humidifier. 

You should then ensure that you don’t forget to use the humidifier compression fitting in order to speed up the process. You may not be in a good position to use the valve at the saddle to install the fitting or switch the water line off.  

You are then supposed to install the bypass line in order to manufacture water vapor, which is mandatory in your HVAC model. In case you experience problems in this step, you should call an HVAC technician to assist you in perfectly install the furnace humidifier.

Furnace Humidifier Benefits 

As of now, you are already aware of how to successfully install a humidifier on the furnace. We are going to look at some of the benefits accompanied by furnace humidifiers. They are as follows: 

  • Safeguarding your health. Humidifies tend to prevent dry lips, skin, and also nasal passages. In case the skin and lips crack and ultimately bleed, this will allow viruses and bacteria to easily access your body. Humidifiers tend to stop viruses from spreading as dry indoor surroundings are eliminated 
  • Reducing snoring. Humidifiers tend to reduce snoring which is brought by inflamed and dry nasal passages. 
  • Safeguards you against allergies and asthma. As you well know, proper humidity levels tend to reduce the dust amount in the surrounding air, humidifiers tend to protect the ASTA patients and those suffering from allergic reactions. It is highly recommended by the allergy and asthma doctors, that you use humidifiers at your place, in order to reduce allergy and asthma flare-ups and also nasal stuffiness. 
  • Eliminating static electricity. Having a furnace humidifier at your place will save you a lot as you and your family will not experience static electricity shocks. 
  • Saving energy. Adding a furnace humidifier at your place especially during the winter can increase the comfortability levels at your home. With the proper levels of humidity, energy costs can be greatly reduced, by lowering the temperature at the thermostat while still keeping warm.  

How to Install Humidifier on Furnace – Conclusion

As of now, you are already aware of how to install humidifier on furnace and some of the benefits it brings to you and your family. Proper installation and sizing, are the key to the happiness and success of your furnace humidifier. 

Humidifiers have to be sized properly as we have already mentioned. This is to ensure proper humidity levels are achieved and maintained, allowing for you to be able to set the thermostat easily and keeping warm and comfortable.