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What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working

What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working?

Furnaces are good until they stop working. It’s usually a problem to identify the problem with the AC until you go deeper into the details, which is apparently not possible if you don’t know what can cause a furnace to stop working. 

Sometimes it can work for a limited time before breaking down. All these are troubles associated with a faulty furnace and before it’s fixed, there can be no hope of having a working AC again. 

That is why it is important that we know what can cause a furnace to stop working and something about how we can fix it. If not, what problems should call for an AC technician? So let’s get to it. 

Common AC Problems and How to Fix Them 

Apart from just knowing what can cause the AC not to work, we also have to know the common problems that are associated with the AC functionality.  It could be something to do with the power system, the igniters, the has system the burners, the control panels the fans, the thermostat, and anything else that involves the functionality of the furnace. 

So knowing the parts of your furnace is also important. They are very many depending on the type of furnace you have. So what are these problems that we might cause the furnace to stop working? 

A faulty thermostat 

The thermostat is the basic component of the furnace that detects and controls the generation and dispatch of heat according to the surrounding environment within the house. The thermostat can stop working when there is a build-up of heat in the furnace to avoid blowing. 

So it would automatically st the furnace off to avoid blowing up. The thermostat can also be the culprit when you forget to set it correctly. It might be off because you switched it off and that might be simply why your furnace is not working. 

On the furthest end, when the thermostat is faulty, it simply can’t work at all. That is why you should check it when the furnace is not staying. 

Finally, on the thermostat, you should always set it to HEAT mode and make sure the circuit breaker is not flipped before you can get satisfied that the problem is not with the thermostat. If it uses batteries, always get new batteries in case the old ones are worn out. 

A clogged air filtration system 

When the filters clog, it means that the air transfer between the inside and the outside is basically going to be restricted. This might cause a natural build-up of heat inside the furnace necessitating automatic shut down for purposes of safety. 

The best thing you can do with this is to make sure that we have cleaned off the air filtration system all along and make sure that we allow the furnace some time to cool down before we can get back to using it again. Sometimes when it is severely dirty, you might want to change the filters. 

A tripped circuit breaker 

When the circuit breaker trips it basically means that the whole system will lack the power to run on. The circuit breaker might have tripped because of excessive build-up of heat or some other problem that needs emergency cut off of electricity. Unless you reset the circuit breakers, you cannot be able to start the furnace.  

The limit switch is not working 

A limit switch is the main control behind the temperatures within the furnace. When temperatures go too high in the furnace, the limit switch will automatically shut off the system for safety. If the limit switch goes bad, however, the furnace cannot start. 

You will need to check if it’s okay. However, sometimes, we cannot determine this on our own. We will need to have a technician looking into the possible problem with the limit switch. 

Dirty burners 

With long periods of work, the furnace burners can accumulate dust and other debris a.tter which can really cut short the efficiency. Sometimes the gas passages could be blocked by the debris and this could be a real problem. 

You can disconnect the gas systems from the burners and the igniters and thoroughly clean them off. If you do that and there is a problem still you might want to change them for good or call in a technician to help you fix the problem. 

Faulty igniters 

When the igniters become worn out, they might end up not working. If the effect is severe you might need to replace them entirely. They are basically what ignites the gas from the gas pipe to create the heat that is used to warm up the room. 

Sometimes when there is a crack or fault with the gas system, there might be an automatic cut-off. Therefore if the gas stops circulating it might not start. 

A dirty flame sensor 

A flame sensor is a device that helps detect a flame. If it does not detect a flame, it automatically shuts off the system to stop the gas from flowing. If the detectors are dirty, they might not detect any flames and as a result, they might end up causing the furnace not to start. What you need to do is replace it or carefully clean it. 

What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working – Final Word 

After understanding all the parts of the furnace, you can easily know how to handle any of the components in case it does not start. Some problems are severe and they might need special attention or even replacement. 

That is is why you need to know what can cause a furnace not to work. Some problems like a tripped circuit breaker are so simple and you just need to reset it in order for the system to start working again. 

However when it can’t completely start yet you can’t still see the problem, it is best advised that you cut off the power or gas directed to the furnace and call in the expert to look into the problem.