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Air Conditioner Tune Up
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Every summer has soaring hot temperatures, making it very enjoyable for you to go inside. You’ll love to stay in a cold room with comfortable air conditioning. An AC system is not just a box outside your home. It has both indoor and outdoor units that have a lot of internal components. Just as a maintained car works efficiently, an air conditioner will be more reliable and efficient when given equal attention. It makes an air conditioner tune-up essential and must be part of your maintenance regimen for the home.

Air conditioners will typically run for years. However, a maintenance system of an annual tune-up will have your HVAC system giving you peak performance. It can also help prolong its working life. If you ignore a maintenance system routine, you will find yourself having to pay higher utility bills and deal with reduced comfort. System components will have to work harder, which can lead to a reduction in life expectancy and, even worse, a total system failure and shutdown.

AC Tune-ups are Vital

When a  cooling system is in regular operation, it can lead to a build-up of moisture, dirt and dust from condensation and humidity, or microbial growth building up on the evaporator coil and condenser coil, both critical system components. If professional HVAC technicians do not check this, then there is likely to be a loss of efficiency or can cause a breakdown of the parts of its system and lead to their shorter life.

Most homeowners can handle the simple task of cleaning the filters or replacing them. Still, for air conditioner tune-ups, it requires you to call in a qualified HVAC technician so that you ensure reliability, long life of the system, and help in some cases to avert the development of more severe issues. Get your local dealer to open up both the indoor and outdoor units, clean up the vital components intensively, check the cooling temperatures, and also look for other signs that have the potential to become issues over time.

It does not cost much to schedule annual maintenance when you compare it to the expense that more severe issues will result in an extensive service for your air conditioner. You will save money in the long run, reducing the chances of any emergency repairs.

Signs You Need an AC Tune-up

An AC system will have all its moving parts running the way they are meant to if you can schedule a tune-up once every year.

It is best carried out in the spring season, just before the summer that brings about the need for cooling. However, if your system is more extensively used, you will do well to schedule another maintenance at the height of the summer season so that the system performs at high levels for the rest of the hot season. If you have an extended period between annual tune-ups, your system is likely to show signs that it needs attention from a professional HVAC contractor.

  • Energy bills will be higher.
  • Lesser airflow from cooling vents.
  • Higher indoor temperatures result from the AC not keeping up with the demand.
  • AC is constantly switching on and off.
  • Increased humidity inside.

Are you experiencing any or more of these problems? It is time to call in a professional HVAC technician.

What Is The Work Done In Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

AC Tune Ups With Cranney Home Services - Cranney Home Services

Once you call on the professional for scheduling an AC tune-up, you should be able to get a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to carry out the tune-up. A typical tune-up can last for about an hour but can depend on the contractor and their detailed service routine. Service techs can find other issues that require attention. It can prolong the tune-up, especially if it needs additional replacement parts and the technician is not carrying that with him in his vehicle.

A routine maintenance service will have your dealer evaluate the air conditioning system’s performance in various modes so that its condition is determined and whether any other adjustments or repairs are needed. You need to turn off the electrical power when inspecting or cleaning the unit. Every contractor has a different way of providing this service. However, most carry out similar tasks as part of any standard tune-up assignment. These can include:

  • Checking for levels of refrigerant charges or leaks, and airflow
  • Checking all electrical connections to see that they are sound and all components are working as they should
  • A check on the physical connection of all parts
  • Checking the capacitor for bulges and unusual colour or marks
  • Cleaning and checking of the outdoor condenser coil
  • Checking evaporator coil, which is indoors, is not blocked and cleaning it with a self-rising cleaner where possible
  • Check the condensate drainage system and clean if required
  • Cleaning and adjusting blower components
  • Checking of air filter, and cleaning or replacing it

Most contractors will provide you with a summary of what they have inspected and tested. They will also provide any recommendations and results. In many cases, technicians can conduct repairs on the spot.

Cost of AC Tune-ups

It varies widely from dealer to dealer for the needed service and maintenance. Dealers can provide in-depth service and performance guarantees. However, others do a more basic job at special rates to generate additional business. Both of these can have the same result and ensure that your air conditioner operates at its best during the summer months as long as the contractor providing the service is reputable.

If it is nearing summer, and you still have not had your AC serviced, you can call Furnace Repair Mississauga. We will give you a quick quote and have you scheduled for its annual maintenance.

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