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What is Forced Air Heating

What is Forced Air Heating?

In case you are searching for a new heating system for your home, most definitely you have passed by the term forced-air heating. Most of us tend to ask what is forced air heating? Forced air heating is the heating system of which uses air as a medium of heat transfer throughout the room. 

These heating systems have vents and ductwork, that are in place for proper air distribution throughout your home. You can easily control the heating system using a thermostat and supply heat throughout the whole house by use of a fan through the ductwork. 

The ducts present in your home cannot be seen easily as they are usually concealed in attics, walls, and crawlspaces. The volume of air around the house is cycled continuously through the unit system via the return air ducts. 

How Does the Forced Air Heating Unit System Function? 

As of now, you are already aware of what is forced air heating, it is the to look at how the forced-air heating unit system functions. These types of systems tend to generate heat by use of electricity, propane, or natural gas. 

In the gas furnace, the heat exchanger present is ignited and warmed up and the indoor surrounding air absorbs heat from the heat exchanger. 

In the electrical furnace, the moving indoor air absorbs heat from the high-resistance wires. In both the electric furnace and the gas furnace, the hot air present in your home is pushed into your ductwork system and by use of a fan, the warm air is circulated around your home. This ensures that you and your family breathe air that is safe and clean. 

How You Can Easily Operate a Forced Air Heating System 

A thermostat often is used in controlling the heating system or rather the furnace and ensures the unit is either off or on, depending on the temperature setting. Once you turn on the system, heat must be generated and the fan present in the fan ensures that it propels air over the heating elements present in the furnace or the heat exchanger. 

Warm air or rather hot air is finally distributed throughout your place by use of the air ducts and out by use of the registers. You can easily adjust your registers in order to control the direction and amount of airflow all over your place. Electricity flow or rather the gas ignition to the elements halts when the required temperature is achieved.  

How to Properly Maintain Your Forced Air Heating Unit System 

As of now, you are already aware of what is forced air heating and how it functions in distributing warm air throughout the house. We are going to discuss how to properly maintain your forced air heating unit system. For any of the forced air heating unit systems, it is very important that you maintain the air filters present. 

In case the air filters present in your system are clogged, this will in turn force the whole system to work even harder and run for longer durations than before in order to distribute heat throughout the house. 

During the winter season, you will be required to clean or rather replace the furnace’s air filters each month and at least after every two to three months during the remaining part of the current year. 

A furnace tune-up from an HVAC technician or professional, especially when entering the winter season is mandatory. In order to successfully complete a full tune-up of your furnace, there are more than a dozen activities and tasks that you should complete. 

It is mandatory that you do not do this by yourself.  You could schedule a call with an HVAC technician or professional that will assist you in checking and inspecting all the components in the furnace and successfully carry out the tune-up process in order for you to start your forced air heating unit system and keep it running all winter long. 

Some of the tasks that are in the furnace tune-up manual include; 

  • Inspecting the furnace’s heat exchanger and ensuring that it functions in the right manner 
  • Inspecting the inducer motor present in the forced-air heating systems. 
  • Checking and ensuring that the system has a proper balancing of the blower motor and the blower motor itself, is in good shape 
  • Ensure that the HVAC technician has carried out the combustion analysis on your home’s furnace before you begin using it all winter long. 
  • Checking the temperature difference of air between the supply air and return air. 

Upgrade the Thermostat 

As of now, you are already aware of what is forced air heating and how it functions. Upgrading the thermostat could improve air heating and distribution throughout your living space. The old type of thermostat tends to cause the homeowners a lot of problems. 

They tend to make it very difficult for the homeowner to adjust and also determine the home’s temperature and also be able to switch the heater off or on. In case back at home, you still are using the old types of thermostats, then it is time that you look for an upgrade.  

Ensure that you choose a programmable thermostat of which allows the homeowner to adjust and determine the temperature easily at any time of the week or day. Keeping the home’s temperature low, when there are no people present in the home, or rather when you and your family are asleep, will ensure that a lot of money is saved throughout the current season. 

When installing the brand new thermostat, ensure that you call an HVAC professional or technician, that will assist you to properly install the thermostat and ensure that all the sensors are in their right place. 

Additional Tips Concerning the Forced Air Unit Systems 

As of now, you are already aware of what is forced air heating systems and how it functions in our homes to ensure that we are safe and comfortable. It is better that you switch off the kitchen and bathroom fans and also use rugs in order to insulate the wooden floors. 

You should also be able to check if all the windows and doors at your place are sealed before using your furnace. You should be in a good position to introduce a forced-air heating system at your place, and ensure that you together with your family are keeping warm and comfortable all winter long.