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Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off
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Many of us have experienced their furnaces quickly shut off as soon as you turn them on. It is a major problem for some of us and leaves us wondering why does my furnace keep shutting off.

In case your furnace keeps shutting down or rather short-cycling, this could lead to your expensive heating bills in the long run. Down below, we have provided you with the different causes that lead to the furnace shutting down from time to time.

We have also provided you with methods on how to fix the short-cycling. The causes as to why do my furnace keeps shutting off are as follows.

Clogged Air Filter in the Furnace

If your furnace keeps shutting down, you must first check the air filters to check whether they are clogged. It is one of the easiest and cheapest problems to solve. Clogged and dirty air filters in the furnace tend to obstruct the airflow towards the heat exchanger.

If the heat exchanger present in your furnace becomes too hot due to airflow restriction, a specific safety mechanism present in the furnace will shut off your furnace to protect its components. Overall, it is a good thing. However, it will not favour you, especially when the outside temperature is around -20 and very cold.

It is effortless to fix a clogged filter. Firstly, you should turn off your furnace and remove the air filters. Check whether the air filters are reusable or disposable. If the filters in your furnace are disposable, you should dispose of them and buy new ones.

You can get new filters at the local store near your location. Reusable air filters tend to be more expensive as opposed to disposable ones. It is because the reusable filters are manufactured so that they are long-lasting and of a higher quality. However, they are slightly hard to clean.

Depending on the type of reusable filter, you can clean them by vacuuming up the air filters to remove debris and dirt or gently rinse with clean water. For your furnace to function appropriately, you should be able to check the air filters after a month or so.

Keep the Vents Open

It is also another reason why your furnace keeps shutting off. You should be aware that the air filters are not the only cause of airflow restriction to the furnace’s heat exchanger. Closed vents are another reason.

Even though sometimes it is better than when your place is scorching, you can close some of the vents but not all of them. It allows for some of the air to reach the heat exchanger for proper furnace functioning.

The Thermostat is not Properly Functioning 

Where Should I Set My Thermostat? - Temperature Patrol

In case there is no problem with the air filters present in your furnace, it is time to check the thermostat. The problem might be the thermostat is not correctly functioning and might cause the furnace to keep shutting down. 

Firstly, you should ensure that the thermostat is on and reads heat. You should then ensure that the temperature in the thermostat is appropriately programmed. It might answer your question, ‘why does my furnace keep shutting off?’

Someone might have adjusted the thermostat to a lower temperature and never changed the temperature back. If all the thermostat settings are in order, you can invite a partner to assist you in checking whether the thermostat is in communication with your furnace. 

If the thermostat is working correctly, you must hear a particular sound whenever you change the temperatures from high to low. This sound could mean that there is a problem with the furnace. In case there is no sound heard, then there must be a significant problem with the thermostat. 

You should call a professional to take a look at it. Another important consideration is where to place the thermostat. If you place the thermostat near a source of heat or in the sunlight, it will read warm temperatures and finally turn your furnace off. 

The Furnace’s Flame Sensor is Covered with Soot 

If your flame sensor present in the furnace is covered by soot or corroded, this might lead to the furnace shutting down from time to time. When the furnace is operating normally, the sensor tends to detect flames and, if there isn’t, turns off the gas valve.

It ensures that your place does not fill up with dangerous gas fumes that have deadly consequences. The flame sensor present in the furnace works properly and efficiently to keep you and your family warm and safe.

Although, if the sensor is covered in soot and eroded, it becomes challenging to sense any flame, even when your furnace runs and cuts off the supply at the gas valve.

As you well know, there can’t be heat when the gas supply is cut short. Hence, this shuts down your furnace from time to time. If you experience such a problem, you should schedule a call with a professional to solve the issue.

The Furnace is Large  

It is another reason why your furnace keeps shutting off. When you acquire a brand new furnace for your place, you must appropriately size it for your current place. Otherwise, you will experience significant problems.

If the furnace is large for your place, it tends to heat the place quickly, and since its task is complete, the thermostat quickly shuts down the furnace.

The place quickly cools down without consistent heating, and the repeated procedure causes the furnace to shut down from time to time. The only method to fix such a problem is to get another properly sized furnace for your place.

Proper Furnace Maintenance 

As of now, you are aware of why my furnace keeps shutting off and how you can deal with the situation. You must maintain your furnace regularly and ensure that it communicates appropriately with your thermostat present at your place for you to live peacefully and comfortably.

Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off – Conclusion

These are the potential reasons why your furnace might be shutting off. If you figure out one of these answers, you should appropriately maintain your furnace to ensure that it functions properly and does not shut down from time to time. You can contact a HVAC professional if required. They will fix the problem within no time.

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