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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Furnace problems are often a headache especially if you encounter them during the winter season. Furnace blowing out cold air rather than warm air is a big problem encountered by most of us. Most of us tend to ask why is my furnace blowing cold air? 

There are many reasons that can make your furnace blow cold air. In case you encounter this problem it is best you schedule a call with an HVAC professional, that will solve the problem. Down below we have provided you with some of the causes that can make you blow cold air. 

How to Fix a Furnace That is Blowing Out Cold Air 

The pilot light is out 

This is a very common problem that affects the older type furnaces. The older types of furnaces tend to have an element called pilot light. A pilot light is a flame present in the furnace, that is used to light the burners. 

So in case you have the older type of furnaces, you should be in a good position to improve to the modern type of furnaces that do not rely on pilot lights. 

The new and improved modern type of furnaces are energy-efficient and have many different methods of lighting the furnace. The electrical ignitor present in the modern type furnaces do not need a pilot light, therefore they are very similar to the gas stove and how it functions. 

It functions in a way that a spark is created, which lights the furnace burners and saves the pilot flame from running all day long. 

For all those asking why is my furnace blowing cold air, and you have the older type furnaces at your place, you should try and relight the pilot flame and check to see whether the problem had been solved. If this is not the problem, then you have other furnace issues to worry about. 

The gas supply is inadequate 

In case there is no enough gas supply to your furnace, this could in turn cause the furnace to blow out cold air rather than warm air. You should ensure that the furnace’s gas supply is switched on and the entry pipe for gas is intact.  

Reasons as to Why the Furnace is Blowing Out Cold Air 

Check your thermostat 

This is among the most common causes as to why furnaces tend to blow out cold air, and it needs no repair. In case your furnace is blowing out cold air occasionally but still maintaining the home’s temperature, then you should check the thermostat settings. 

The thermostat fan has two setting options that include auto and on. The on option means that the furnace will keep running throughout even when your furnace system at your home is off. You will definitely feel air coming from your vents, but the air doesn’t undergo cooling or heating.

When your fan is switched on, you will feel cold air, but if the temperature at home doesn’t change, then it’s simply blowing room air. 

When you switch the thermostat fan to auto, this will change some things. The fan will turn automatically on when a temperature change at your place is detected by the thermostat. This forces the furnace to switch on and begin heating the surrounding air as the fan circulates the heated air throughout your home. In this case, the fan only works when your furnace is running. 

Condensation clog 

Why is my furnace blowing cold air? This is another reason. The new and improved furnace types that are energy-efficient tend to have an element that is referred to as the condensation drain. The main function of the condensation drain is to ensure that the water created as a result of the furnace’s heating process is removed. 

Most parts of the furnace have sensors of which switch off some features. In case the drain is clogged, this may result in the furnace burners, not lighting, which might be something good. 

Clogged filters 

Clogged filters present in your furnace system could cause your furnace to blow out cold air rather than warm air. To avoid the presence of clogged filters in your furnace system, you should be in a good position to change the furnace filters regularly. 

When the furnace filters are clogged this could result in certain things. The ability of your filters to keep the air clean is greatly reduced this allows more contaminants in the air. 

Clogged air filters can also cause air restriction to the furnace, which causes the furnace to work even harder and when left on for a long duration, the furnace might overheat. These are the problems you should avoid. 

If your furnace gets to a point that it is almost overheating, there is a safety measure referred to as the limiter switch, which is enabled by the furnace, in order to prevent the risk of fire. The limiter switch works in a way that it switches the furnace burners off in order to prevent your home from going up in flames. 

It can also ultimately cause damages to the heat exchanger present in the furnace, which is expensive to repair. 

Vent pipes in the furnace are blocked 

This is another reason why is my furnace blowing cold air. In other cases, the vent pipe leading to the outside might be blocked by different items thus causing the furnace to switch off or rather blow out cold air. You should be able to clean the vents regularly to avoid such problems. 

Ductwork problems 

Sometimes the ducts tend to get leaky this allowing the cold air to pass in through the vents. This can cause cold air to blow through the system that’s why you tend to ask why is my furnace blowing cold air. You should be in a good position to clean and maintain the ductwork system in order to avoid such problems. 

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Out Cold Air – Conclusion

In case you need any assistance you should be able to schedule a call with an HVAC professional that will assist you in fixing and maintaining your furnace system. Your furnace should be able to blow out warm air, to keep your family safe and comfortable.